The announcement of the Afghan Independent Journalists Association in connection with the International Day for Universal Access to information

28 September 2022Kabul - Afghanistan

Access to information is one of the most fundamental human rights of citizens, which obliges governments to make information available as a trustworthy  to people.

Access to information is one of the components of good governance, which creates transparency and accountability, provides the basis for closer relations between governments and nations.

In the 21st century, when people’s lives are tied to information, the lack of access to information facilitates the spread of rumors, people will live in uncertainty.

Journalists, who always make information available to people through mass communication tools, facilitating their timely access to information related to the free activity of the media, Citizens will be aware of the economic, social and security events of the country, as well as global developments.

On the occasion of International Day for Universal Access to Information on September 28, the Afghan Independent Journalists Association, while starting the activities of the Access to Information Commission, requests the relevant authorities in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to facilitate the timely access of journalists to information in the center and provinces.

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