The findings of Afghan Independent Journalists Union shows that 73.9 percent of journalists believe that access to information is one of the most important elements and the most basic rights of citizens.

This survey was launched on the occasion of September 28 World Information Access Day, nearly 400 journalists from 33 provinces of the country, excluding Kabul, and 73.9 percent of the participants believe that access to information in media activities is the most important and basic elements, and 44.6 percent of the survey participants said that the lack of access to information creates a distance between the people and the government and facilitates the spread of rumours.

In this survey, 28.4% of participants were satisfied with access to information and 19% described their access to information as good.
The participants of the survey in the developmental, social, economic, educational and educational, health, sports, legal and criminal sectors have expressed their level of access to information.
In this survey, 29.3% in the development sector, 24.2% in the social sector, 27.3% in the educational sector, 29.1% in the health sector, 36.6% in the sports sector, 24.5% in the legal sector and 20.5% in the criminal sector were satisfied with their access to information. Have had.
Access to information is one of the most basic and fundamental citizenship rights of the people of Afghanistan, the findings of AIJU shows that the access of journalists and people has increased compared to last year, and it will facilitate people’s access to information about good governance.
The Afghan Independent Journalists Union requests the authorities of the Islamic Emirate to increase the access of journalists to information and to support journalists, media and freedom of expression in Afghanistan.