A coordination meeting was held between media officials, reporters and press officials of Balkh local administrations.

In this meeting, Maulvi Zabihullah Noorani, the head of information and culture of Balkh province, considered the mutual trust between the government and the media to be effective in providing accurate information, and asked for more professional activities of journalists and media in Balkh.

Mr. Noorani added that the professional behavior of journalists and the media will lead to more cooperation and better trust between the journalists and the local administrations of Balkh, and the local administrations of Balkh are also trying to perform well against the journalists and media of this province, and he asked the journalists In this context, cooperate with the local government of Balkh and avoid spreading false news.
Meanwhile, Attaullah Zaid, the head of the media center of Balkh province, assured the all-round cooperation of the Balkh province authorities with the media and journalists and asked the journalists and media of this province to be professional in their behavior.
On the other hand, Mohammad Fardin Nowrozi, the representative of the Afghan Independent Journalists Union in Balkh, asked the officials of the Department of Information and Culture of Balkh and the spokesman of the governor of this province to encourage local officials in the process of timely access to information by journalists and media.
This meeting is held every month between journalists and spokesmen of Balkh local government, by the Department of Information and Culture of this province. In those challenges, theories and views about media activity and access to timely information are raised and discussed.