The visit of the head of Afghan Independent Journalists Union to Sarpul Province

2 Oct 2023
Hujatullah Mujadidi, the head of Afghanistan Independent Journalists Union, during a trip to Sarpul province, met with local officials and media officials of that province, and talked about improvement, coordination and access of journalists to information.

In this trip, Mr. Mujadidi was accompanied by Gholam Sakhi Froutan, the representative of AIJU in Sarpul province, they met with Mohammad Yaqub Abdul Rahman, the governor of Sarpul province, Damla Mohammad Nader Haqjo, the deputy governor, Mullah Abdul Ghafar Haqnama, the head of information and culture, Samiullah Hamidi, the representative of national Radio and television and a number of local media officials in Sarepul and discussed the process of informing, journalists’ access to information and establishing coordination between journalists and local officials. Also, Mr. Mujadidi met with the officials of Radio Anbir, Radio Arghavan, Radio Sadie Sarpol and Radio Sadie Bano and shared their views on improving media activities in Sarpol.
The leadership of the Afghan Free Journalists Union, as a defender of the rights of journalists and freedom of expression in Afghanistan, has always tried to improve the process of information, timely access of journalists to information, reduce the cases of violence against journalists and solve the economic challenges of journalists and media, at national and international level.