The meeting of the head of Afghan Independent Journalists Union with the local officials of Faryab province

1 Oct 2023
During a trip to Faryab province, Hujatullah Mujadidi, the head of AIJU, along with Mohammad Hassan Sardash the honorary representative of this union, met with Damla Mohammad Shoaib Risalat, the governor of this province, Shamsuddin Mohammadi, the head of information and culture, and Mohammad Ali Mohammadi, the head of the national radio and television of this province. They talked about improving the information process, timely access of journalists to information and creating coordination between journalists and local officials, and the officials of Faryab Province promised to cooperate.

During this trip, Mr. Mujadidi also met with the officials of Radio Yasra, Radio Tamanna, Radio Sehat, Radio Mumtaz and National Radio and Television of Faryab and discussed and exchanged opinions on the improvement of the media situation and media activities in Faryab.
The head of AIJU has also met with the family of the head of Mumtaz Radio, who is in prison that the reason for his arrest is not related to her media work.
The leadership of AIJU, as a defender of the rights of journalists and freedom of expression in Afghanistan, has always tried to improve the situation of the information process, timely access of journalists to information, reduce the cases of violence against journalists and solve the economic challenges of journalists and media in Sue nationally and internationally.