The meeting of the head of Afghan Independent Journalists Union with the local officials and the media of Bamyan province

Hujatullah Mujadidi, the head of AIJU, together with Mr. Noori, the representative of this union in Bamyan province, Mr. Akbari, the representative of Kapisa province, Ahmad Shah Khadim the manager of Kapisa TV, and the head of Radio Tanin with Maulvi Safiullah Zaid, the head of information and culture in Bamyan province discussed on improvement of the working conditions of journalists, continuous coordination meetings and journalists access to information.

During this trip, there was also a meeting with the employees of Radio Nasim and Radio Bamyan, and they were thanked for their efforts in upholding freedom of expression and accurate and impartial information to the people of Bamyan, and the continuation of cooperation in professional fields was emphasized.