Hujatullah Mujadidi, in a meeting with the officials of Daikundi province, demanded to address the problems of journalists and media.

Hujatullah Mujadidi, the head of AIJU, along with Mustafa Shahryar one of the country’s media elites, while Seyed Mustafa Saleh the head of information and culture of Daikundi province was also present in a meeting with Maulawi Najib Rafi the governor of Daikundi province regarding to journalists’ access to information, the case of Sultan Ali Javadi The manager of Radio Nasim, the recording equipment of Sabzeha TV, Radio Daikundi, Radio Aftab and the beginning of Radio Nasim’s broadcasts spoke, and the governor of Daikundi province assured to handle all these cases.

In a separate meeting, Mr. Mujadidi, with Mawlawi Ehsanullah Rahmatyar, deputy governor of Daikundi province and head of information and culture of this province, considered the creation of a joint committee of the media and the government as a serious need and emphasized that the creation of this committee would create a good atmosphere between journalists and local officials he also added that this committee prevents the distance between the two parties, which was welcomed by the officials and they promised to create this committee soon.
During this trip, the head of AIJU, while visiting the RTA and the Village Voice Radio in Daikundi, also met with a number of employees of Nasim Radio and journalists of this province.