Concerns of the Afghanistan Independent Journalists Union regarding Mr. Latif Yaqobi, a journalist in Ghazni Province

The family of Latif Yaqobi, a journalist with Voice of America in Ghazni Province, claims to have received a call around midnight last night, informing them that Mr. Ya’qubi, who had attended a wedding, has been detained by security forces.

Mawlawi Hamidullah Nasar, the head of information and culture in Ghazni, says that this issue is not related to Mr. Yaqobi’s media work and he will be released soon.

If Mr. Yaqobi has been detained by the security forces of the Islamic Emirate due to his media-related activities, the Union of Free Journalists of Afghanistan once again requests the authorities in the Islamic Emirate to not only release Mr. Yaqobi but also investigate and examine media-related cases through the channel of the Commission for Complaints Investigation and Media Violations, which is the sole legal authority responsible for addressing journalists’ cases.

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