Attacking journalists is an attack on freedom of speech

   Journalists are the true voice of the Afghan people, the attack on the lives of journalists is an attack on the freedom of speech and the Afghan people.
   The Balkh Tabian Cultural Center wanted to honor a number of journalists from the north of the country in a program where an explosion occurred and 14 of our media colleagues, Morteza Samimi, Najib Faryad, Fardin Nowrozi, Aziz Abram, Khyber Ebrahimi.  , Wahed Jalali, Sirat Noori, Javad Darwish, Ruhollah Rouhani, Hasib, Munir Bhair, Sajjad Mousavi, Dr. Naser Zahiri, Rasul Salek.
 were injured in this explosion.
 While condemning this attack, the Afghan Independent Journalists Union wants the relevant authorities to follow this case seriously and identify its perpetrators.
   At the same time, the AIJU asks the authorities of the Islamic Emirate to pay serious attention to the safety and security of journalists in the center and provinces.

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