The broadcast of Kabul News TV was stopped

Farhad Behroz
Kabul – Afghanistan

Kabul News TV, one of the most watched public media in Afghanistan, stopped its broadcasts after a decade of operation due to various reasons including economic problems.

With the suspension of the broadcasts of Kabul News TV, while the people’s access to the information that was available to them through
this media was limited, the employees of this media were also unemployed.

The findings of the Afghan Independent Journalists Union show that after the political transformation in Afghanistan, including 550
public media, 225 media outlets have stopped their broadcasts.

With the shutdown of 225 media outlets in Afghanistan, nearly 8,000 journalists and media workers have lost their jobs, more than 80
percent of journalists and media workers are female and about 60 percent of journalists and media workers are male.

The Afghan Independent Journalists Union, as an organization defending the rights of journalists and freedom of expression in Afghanistan, calls on the international community, especially the organizations
defending the rights of journalists and freedom of expression, to support the journalists and media workers of Afghanistan, and to
witness the suspension of media publications. And let’s not make journalists and media workers unemployed in Afghanistan

The Afghan Independent Journalists Union criticizes the way the international community supported them in the past and asks them to
reconsider their support.

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