Mirza Hasani, the head of Aftab Radio, was released moments ago after four months of imprisonment.

Farhad Behroz

Kabul – Afghanistan

Mirza Hasani, the head of Radio Aftab in Daikundi, who was arrested on May 29, 2022 in Herat province and transferred to Kabul, was released a few Moments ago due to the efforts of journalists’ rights defenders and the Request of the Commission for Investigating Complaints and Handling Media Violations.

The Afghan Independent Journalists Association, which had repeatedly called For the release of Mr. Hasani and welcomed the release of Mirza Hasani and Asked the authorities in Islamic Emirates to facilitate the release of Khaled Qaderi.

Hujatullah Mujadidi, the president of the Afghan Independent Journalists Association, who traveled to Herat to follow up on Mr. Hasani’s case and Lay the groundwork for his release and he welcomed Mirza Hasani’s release and asked the authorities in the Islamic Emirate to solve the cases related to journalists and media. Follow up on media violations through the Complaint investigation commission.

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