In a meeting with the Head of Information and Culture of Maindan Wardak province, the head of Afghan Independent Journalists Union and a number of media officials emphasized on improving the information process and journalists’ access to information.

Hujatullah Mujadidi, head of AIJU, in a meeting with Mawlawi Habibullah Mujahid, head of information and culture of Maidan Wardak province, and Qari Ehsanullah Kaliwal, manager of Maidan Wardak RTA, in connection with improving the information process, timely access of journalists to information, and solving economic issues of journalists, in addition they discussed on creating coordination between journalists and local officials in that province.

Mawlawi Habibullah Mujahid reminded of the coordination and good relations between journalists and handling the problems of journalists in Maidan Wardak province and said that so far there have been no serious problems for journalists in this province.
The head of AIJU met with the officials of Tajalla Radio, Ghag Radio, Wak TV, and Vahdat Radio TV and promised to improve the media activities, deal with the problems of journalists, and provide all-round support of the union to journalists and media workers in Maidan Wardak.